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A Doula is an advocate, a source of information, a trained person who helps with the physical, emotional, and spiritual support in a birth. A Doula does not take the place of the partner or caregiver, but is that one-on-one support that is needed.  Our Doulas are either certified with Dona International or working towards certification.


A Woman remembers her birth vividly her whole life and it is a Doula's job to help empower and support her through the decisions she makes that are best for her and her birth. A Birth Doula offers comfort measures, prayer, massage, position changes to speed up a labor, and encouragement through each contraction. It is a Doula's goal to ensure those lasting memories are fond ones. 

What is a Doula? Labor of love

 We believe that through God's Love we can impact the quality and experience of birth and early parent-hood by providing a doula for every person who wants one.  This critical period of transition presents a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation!

" When a mother is nurtured, she is better able to nurture her own."  Consider giving to our Labor of Love Doula Program so that every woman who wants a doula can have one!


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