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Our Doulas

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Julie Thompson

My name is Julie Thompson and I am a mother of 4 ages 30 to 41!  I also have six beautiful grandbabies ages 5 months, 3, 7, 9, 11 and 12.   I love more than anything being called "Nana".  I've been a birth doula for 24 years and it is so fun to see one of my babies at a get together and realize she/he is now a young woman or young man.  Some of my "babies are married and some are having babies of their own.  Incredible! I can never believe it has been that long ago because it always seems like it was just yesterday. Birth is a journey and each and every birth is precious to me. I feel it is such an honor to be a part of such an amazing time in a family's life. I want to serve women and their support persons to feel empowered at the end of their birth journey. I thank God for directing me to this work and I thank Him most of all for allowing me to serve each and every one of my families. As the Founder of Labor of Love Doula Program, I can't wait to see how He brings our Program to Life with each new birth!  This year I am going on a Mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya Africa to serve families there.  


We are adding a new doula soon!!!  You will all love her!!!

Alycia Bini

Ever since I was in college I have had a special love for pregnancy and birth. I graduated from Grove City College in 2017 with a Bachelors in Science of Biology along with minors in Psychology and Biblical &

Religious Studies. For a majority of my time in college I considered going to nursing school and, eventually, graduate school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. After graduation I instead began to pursue a career in College Ministry with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. For the past several years I have been serving as a Campus Pastor at Penn State Behrend, but all throughout these years of ministry I still have a deep love for birth and wanting to help mothers through their labors and deliveries. 

After researching the role of a doula and going through doula training, I have come to see how deeply valuable a doula is to expecting parents. There is scientific research to show that when a doula is present

for labor and delivery there are less needs for medical interventions and less of a chance for a cesarean section. Looking back on their births, mothers with doulas also report having more pleasant birth experiences.

I believe that God has gifted me and created me in many ways that allow me to be a great doula. I am kind and supportive, but also know how to take charge and be assertive when needed. Ministry has taught

me the power of listening and why it is important to truly take the time to hear what others are saying and not just give my opinion. In more ways than I can begin to count, I know that God is using the past decades of my life to prepare me for the plans He has for my future including my future as a doula.



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