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Application for using a Doula

This is the 


to fill out to

be able to use 

the Labor of 

Love Doula Program.  Just click on it and open up the 4 pages to fill out for when your Doula visits you for the first time.

  • Michelle Sirianni

Keeping me calm

Julie was such a blessing to me on the birth of my 1st born son. I really wanted to have him naturally. It was so nice to have a doula who knew what to do. I know I was nervous since it was our first and I didn’t know what to expect. Every one was so great. Between the midwife and Julie they helped me so much. I know Julie went above and beyond to help me. I know I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without Julie’s help. She helped to keep me calm and relaxed. I know I would have gotten the epidermal or something to help with the pain a whole lot sooner if it wasn’t for Julie helping me to get through it. She is so dedicated to what she does. She even slept on the hard cement floor just so she could be there to help me and my son. She is such a blessing to so many mothers and their babies. It was such a blessing to have her helping me and Jonathan. I would highly recommend her and services.

~ Michelle Sirianni

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