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Application for using a Doula

This is the 


to fill out to

be able to use 

the Labor of 

Love Doula Program.  Just click on it and open up the 4 pages to fill out for when your Doula visits you for the first time.

  • Sabah Hashmi

The support of a Doula is invaluable.

I was about three months pregnant with my first baby when I learned what a doula was. Although I knew little about the birthing process, I knew I wanted a female support structure to help guide me through my labor and childbirth process.

After doing extensive research on Doulas, I stumbled across the Labor of Love Doula Program. Little did I know that this Program was well known to medical professionals, and the Founder, Julie Thompson, was considered a star doula amongst all health care professionals in town.

Without hesitation, I reached out to Julie, and it was the best decision I ever made. Julie took the time to understand my wants and needs as I journeyed through my pregnancy, labor, and childbirth process. She helped incorporate my faith into the process so that I have a more spiritual experience.

My entire labor and childbirth process took about 36 hours, and what struck me most was that Midwives and nurses would stroll in and out periodically, but Julie stood with me the entire time. She didn’t take breaks, she hardly got to sleep, and she was there to serve my needs, whatever they may be. She was my God-sent support for my birthing process. To this day, I remember her as being monumental to my childbirth process.

Julie was always ready with ideas on different positions since I labored with a posterior baby. She helped me focus and guided me through each contraction. With Julie’s evidence-based background and years of experience, I trust the education she provides and couldn’t imagine laboring without her by my side.

Julie is welcoming and easy to be around. She has since not only become my official doula for two children and one on the way, but she has become our family. Her compassion towards pregnant moms and children is inspiring, and her devotion to her profession is admirable. Being a doula isn’t a job; it’s a way of life for Julie, so she created this Program. She truly strives to have a doula available for every mom who wants one.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Labor of Love Doula Program to all pregnant women. Doulas exist because there is value in their presence, support, and guidance. During the most vulnerable time of a woman’s life, the support of a Doula is invaluable.

Sabah Hashmi

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