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Love Doula Program.  Just click on it and open up the 4 pages to fill out for when your Doula visits you for the first time.

  • Amber Crosby

A leg-up during pregnancy

Leading up to pregnancy, I was excited and eagerly awaiting this new time of life. I knew there were many things I wanted to prepare for and learn about. With that in mind, we decided to hire a doula with the expectations of having a support person that could answer any questions we had and guide us through becoming parents. We got much more than we could have imagined.

I knew even before the birth that having Julie as our doula was an amazing decision for me. But, right after our baby boy was born when my husband said our doula, Julie, had to be there for all of our children, I realized Julie wasn’t there solely for me, but for us as a family.

Having our doula with us was like having our own specialized care there to support us. We never felt neglected, confused, unsure, or uneasy through the process. Actually, we felt like we had a “leg up” on the process from having our own expert with a bag full of tricks there with us.

Having a doula empowered us leading up to the birth, during, and after. It gave us the support and knowledge that we just would not have known we needed.

~Amber Crosby

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