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Application for using a Doula

This is the 


to fill out to

be able to use 

the Labor of 

Love Doula Program.  Just click on it and open up the 4 pages to fill out for when your Doula visits you for the first time.

  • Cody Crosby

Doulas offer personalized support

A dad’s perspective:

Having your first child is full of unknowns so I highly recommend having a doula to help make recommendations and be there for both the Mom and Dad.

Going through the initial classes with Julie and having her there throughout the whole pregnancy is extremely beneficial for any new parent. Let’s face it, Dads are trying our best throughout everything, but we really don’t know what it is like. Having a doula by our side throughout the laboring process gave us peace of mind knowing we had the support we needed. Doula’s have a wealth of knowledge and are trained for all kinds of situations so it only makes sense to have them there with you throughout everything. Even though we have a better idea of what to expect now, I still plan on having a doula for every child because it is extremely beneficial and comforting to know we have someone else on our side through everything. Would you rather have a coach who is responsible for the whole team or be able to rely on a personal trainer who is with you for everything?

Cody Crosby

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