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  • Brooke Moller

Having a doula is Empowering

When I look back at being pregnant with both of my children including the beginning stages, labor, and post labor, I could not imagine doing this without my Doula, Julie.

The moment I learned what a Doula was I knew this is something I needed to have for my first pregnancy.

I immediately grew an amazing connection with Julie and from that moment on I was not afraid of pregnancy or the labor process. She taught me different tools and left it up to my family and which birth I wanted to have. I remember thinking how cool it was that I had a say and control over my body and my pregnancy. I felt extremely empowered. It was during this time that by choice, I decided I wanted to have a hospital birth, but did not want any medicine, but instead wanted to focus on a natural holistic birth. Julie answered any question I had and made me feel extremely comfortable. She came to my house when I was ready for her and we labored until we both decided it was best to go to the hospital. During this time she walked me through guided meditations, use massage techniques, and different essential oils to help relax my body. Shortly, I gave birth to our beautiful son.

A couple of years later I was pregnant again and contacted Julie right away. I learned very quickly that my second pregnancy was in fact much different than my first. My daughter was two weeks late and during this time I felt very anxious and wanted to make the right medical decisions since she was measuring so large. I still wanted to go on with my natural and holistic birth plan and Julie supported me through this by going to appointments with me, talking to me on the phone and coming to my house to comfort me. When the time came Julie was with me during the entire labor process. When I was in labor we had a beautiful experience at my house by walking in nature, using a sling out by my favorite tree, and even had a homemade electrolyte drink. I get emotional talking about my births because of how empowered and proud I felt. I was able to give birth exactly the way I wanted with the help of Julie and the support of my husband.

When my daughter was born we cannot believe her size weighing well over 10 pounds. I’ll never forget the look on Julie‘s face when she told me how much she weighed and how amazing I did I felt like I was on cloud nine. Julie was also essential in being an advocate for me during both of my birth and even went into the hospital to talk to them about my birth plan.

After both of my healthy babies were born Julie was there to help me emotionally, help support my breast-feeding journey, and answered any questions I had (which I had many). I cannot say enough about Julie and doulas in general. I wish everybody could have the birth experience that they want including 100% natural, epidural, C-section, you name it, a doula will be there to support you!

I can confidently say after years have passed, I still talk to Julie often and she’s became part of our family.

Brooke Moller

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