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Application for using a Doula

This is the 


to fill out to

be able to use 

the Labor of 

Love Doula Program.  Just click on it and open up the 4 pages to fill out for when your Doula visits you for the first time.

  • Korinda Thieme Messenger

One on One Support

The Labor of Love doula program helps women in our community in many ways. During this time of Covid 19 pandemic, even New York state recognizes the importance of doulas at the bedside of laboring women by allowing one support person plus a doula, even though visitor restriction policies are in place.

Doulas provide physical care which can help ease the pain of labor. I have witnessed first hand, the benefits of hands on care by our Labor of Love doulas. Women who have one on one support during labor are statistically known to successfully achieve vaginal births more often than women who do not experience one on one care.

Doulas also provide emotional support which encourages women and promotes self worth. They are empowered and given determination.

So in our current state of “social distancing, quarantining, isolation” global pandemic, there has never been a more important time for women to be supported, encouraged and empowered by our local doulas.

~ Korinda Thieme Messenger

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